20 July 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 20JUL2016

New Zealand Space Trash Re-Entry Excites Locals 19JUL2016

Meteor spotted flying over South Island skies
Headlines News
Meteor spotted flying over South Island skies. A large meteorite has exploded over South Island skies, sparking a flurry of phone calls to police...

Tuesday night's 30-second 'rare' fireball likely to be old space junk - astronomer
The Southland Times
The "fireball" that exploded over the South Island on Tuesday evening was a dead satellite or rocket re-entering Earth's atmosphere, veteran ...

'Balls of fire' light up sky
New Zealand Herald
Former resident superintendent of Canterbury University's Mt John Observatory, astronomer Alan Gilmore, said the fireball was rarer than a meteor.

Watch: Air NZ pilot films 'space junk' fireball streaking down South Island's east
"Last night crew and passengers onboard two services traveling down the east coast of the South Island reported sightings of a fireball off the coast, ...

fireball scares and amazes Kimberley stargazers
ABC Online
People across the Kimberley have reported seeing a bright fireball streak across the sky, inspiring awe and some fear. "It was scary, because it came ...

Delta Aquarid Shower 2016: How to Watch, Peak Dates & More
Aussie Network News
The main stargazing even for this year will be the Perseid meteor shower in August but we can also enjoy the equally impressive Delta Aquarid meteor ...

Q&A: What is space junk and why is it falling over New Zealand?
A meteor? Nah, it's just some junk falling from space. South Islanders had an astronomically-exciting Tuesday night, after what was initially thought to ...

Tuesday night's 30-second space junk fireball a 'rare' sight - astronomer
The Southland Times
South Island residents were treated to a similar sight in 2006, when a basketball-sized-meteor shot through the sky. Travelling at 40,000 kilometres per ...

News & notes
St. Augustine Record
The Ancient City Astronomy Club is planning a public viewing for the Perseid Meteor Shower during the nights maximum activity — Aug. 11–12 ...

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