30 July 2016

Mariana Is. Two Earthquakes Felt in Tokyo 7.7 Mag. 0620 JST 30JUL2016

Mariana Is. Two Earthquakes Felt in Tokyo 7.7 Mag. 0630 JST 30JUL2016
 BE PREPARED for Earthquakes in Tokyo Area, more to come!
The USGS has upgraded the quake to a 7.7 Mag.

A moderate quake felt in Tokyo!
TWO earthquakes about 40 seconds apart felt with 10-15 second durations. No damage in Tokyo.

MAY be damage in the Mariana Islands and MAY be Tsunami- Take precautions!

Occurred at (JST) 06:20 JST 30 JUL 2016
Latitude(degree)Longitude(degree)- 19.2N 145.2E
Depth - 260Km
Magnitude - 7.6
Region Name - Mariana Islands

Note- This website normally only reports on quakes of 5.0 Mag or above but we are in a a period of increased possibility of large earthquake in Tokyo region. I only report on earthquakes personally monitored and felt by myself when at home and awake. RELY on JMA OFFICIAL SITE- see below.

Many foreign visitors cannot locate the JP site or do not know where to find quake information. This website is to help you find the official information.

JMA Official Website-bookmark for future reference!

Map- Details

Larger Detail Map-

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