17 March 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 17MAR2016

NEO asteroid discoveries update
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
As you might have noticed, fireball / meteor activity has been very quiet for the preceding few days, but keep watching (not when you're driving / in ...

1024kg) with a speed of about 23 km... Show more A meteor whose mass was about
A meteor whose mass was about 2.0×108kg struck the Earth (mE=6.0×1024kg) with a speed of about 23 km/s and came to rest in the EarthWhat was ...

Huge Fireball 17 March 2016 At 3:16
UK Meteor Observation Network
Very large fireball reported by public was recorded by out Church Crookham station at 3:16 this morning.

'Green flash' meteor sighting reports across Britain
BBC News
A bright meteor has been sighted in the early hours above Britain. Witnesses have described the object as a green flash moving south to north for a ...

St Patrick's Day meteor: bright flash seen in sky over Britain
The Guardian
A meteor seen over England last year. Shooting stars are created when dust and rocky or metallic particles burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.

Bright meteor sighted in UK skies – video
The Guardian
Footage from the UK Meteor Observatory Network shows a bright meteor streaking across the night's sky in Hampshire and Wiltshire in the early hours ...

Incredible bright green and blue meteor flashes across UK skies
The Sun
The video, which was taken by the UK Meteor Observation Network, shows the ... Richard Kacerek, Co-Founder of the UK Meteor Network, said two ...

Incredible moment meteor flashes across UK skies
I just saw a meteor fly over Kingston upon Thames the whole sky went bright blue! The most amazing thing ever! #meteor #London #shootingstar.

WATCH the St Patrick's Day meteor that lit up skies in the South West with green flashes
Plymouth Herald
ST Patrick's Day began with the UK's skies being lit up by a meteor fireball with blue and green flashes. People reported seeing the display at about ...

WATCH: Incredible footage of meteor seen last night
Bournemouth Echo
It is believed the unusual colour was caused by the meteor containing ... UK Meteor Network captured this footage in Church Crookham, north ...

[ 17 March 2016 ] Spectacular green fireball seen over UK News
Astronomy Now Online
The demise of the brilliant meteor in a green flash and a pure-white trail was also recorded by the car dashcam of Paul Gilbert whilst driving in ...

Huge Meteor Spotted Over London As Huge Fireball Lights Up Night Sky
Meteor London Huge Fireball Asteroid UK Meteor Network UK Meteor Network: .

Watch a meteor shoot across British skies
International Business Times UK
The St Patrick's Day meteor made its way across the sky at 3.20am

St Patrick's Day meteor: Video captures fireball flying across sky
The Week UK
A large meteor has been spotted over London, creating a greenish-blue trail over the night sky in time for St Patrick's Day. The giant fireball appeared ...

'St. Patrick's Day' Meteor Lights Up Britain
Its been nicknamed the "St. Patrick's Day Meteor." There were several reports from across Britain of a green flash lighting up the sky Thursday, which is ...

Meteor Flashes Over UK Sky - Beautiful Scene
'Green flash' meteor sighting reports across Britain - BBC A bright meteor has been sighted over Britain in the early hours. ... Richard Kacerek, from the ...

Watch as meteor streams across UK skies
Incredible moment meteor flashes across UK skies. The moment a huge, bright meteor streamed across the sky in the UK has been caught on camera.

Bright meteor streaks over UK skies
Footage from two cameras captures what appears to be a Meteor flying over the UK in the early hours of Thursday morning. The videos, captured by ...

Meteor over Southern England
Stargazers Lounge
Did anyone catch this? 'Green flash' meteor sightings across Britain http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35829815.

Rate of meteor fireballs over US so far in 2016 is DOUBLE that of 2015
Government Slaves
(SOTT) While March is usually a slow month for meteor showers as none of the major annual events occur this month, the American Meteor Society ...

March 17, 2016 in Atlas 5: International Space Station to study meteors hitting atmosphere
Spaceflight Now
Astronaut Ron Garan, Expedition 28 flight engineer, caught this image from the International Space Station in 2011 during Perseid Meteor Shower.

NASA will intentionally start a fire on a cargo ship in space
The Verge
The Cygnus will also be carrying an instrument called Meteor, that will be used to figure out the composition of meteors entering Earth's atmosphere.

Rate of meteor fireballs over US so far in 2016 is DOUBLE that of 2015
Gloria TV
TradCatKnight: Rate of meteor fireballs over US so far in 2016 is DOUBLE that of 2015. Planet X Incoming. It's raining fireballs all over the place.

Very large fireball over UK
American Meteor Society
AMS Event #1027-2016 caught on tape by the United Kingdom Meteor ... He is working on the American Meteor Society under the supervision of Mike ...

Fireballs may light up early spring skies
Dayton Daily News
What I likely saw that night was a meteor, or even more likely- afireball. A fireball is just a very bright meteor that can be so bright, it can turn the night ...

Marcelo Zurita
March 17 at 6:48pm
Huge fireball 17 March at 3:16
Massive fireball captured by Church Crookham station at 3:16

Marcelo Zurita- March 17 at 6:46pm
Timeline Photos
Huge fireball recorded this morning at 3:15

Josep Maria Trigo Rodríguez
March 17 at 7:43pm
COMETA C/2013 X1 PANSTARRS: Captado el 2.79 de enero de 2016 por el Telescopio Joan Oró (TJO) situado en el Observatori Astronòmic del Montsec operado por el IEEC. Dos imágenes de 30 segundos en filtro R. Para más detalles sobre el seguimiento a este cometa y otras imágenes junto a resultados fotométricos podéis leer nuestro abstract presentado en la Lunar Planetary Science Conference de Houston, TX: http://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2016/pdf/1431.pdf

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