10 March 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 10MAR2016

NASA's Fireball Program Determined To Predict Where Asteroids Will Hit Earth
Headlines & Global News
With the looming threat of near-Earth objects, NASA's fireball program hopes to shed light on the nature of asteroid collisions and the threat that they ...

Meteoritic dust came from stellar explosions older than the sun
Space Daily
Researchers at Michigan State University say dust found at meteorite sites on Earth came from ancient stellar explosions and likely predate the birth of ...

Stardust found on Earth may be older than our sun

Fire, meteor, regolith and adhesion experiments to be carried out in microgravity
Maine News Online
Second experiment is Meteor Composition Determination (Meteor), which will enable the first space-based observations of meteors entering earth's ..

Meteor impact - Heat vaporization and capacity
Physics Forums
Suppose a meteor of volume 1000 km3, density 5000 kg m-3 and speed 30000 km hr-1 crashed into the ocean and 10% of the impact energy was ...

It's Fireball Season!
American Meteor Society
While March is the least active month for shower meteor activity (no major annual showers are active this month), Northern spring is a good time to see ...

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