11 February 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11FEB2016

NASA Questions Jayalalithaa's Meteorite Death Claim
Wall Street Journal (blog)
According to the American Meteor Society, a New York-based nonprofit that promotes research in meteoric astronomy, the classic meteorite looks like ...

Meteorite not responsible for killing man in India: NASA
The Japan Times

Meteorite probably didn't kill man in India, NASA says
Fox News

Meteorite not responsible for killing man in India: NASA
NASA on Wednesday said it was unlikely a meteorite was responsible for killing a man at a college campus in India last week, as local scientists ...

Meteor reported above southeast Winnipeg
“I didn't see it, but based on reports it could've been caused by an object from the size of a quarter up to a basketball.” They're what cause so-called ...

Meteor caught on camera over Saudi skies
Signs of the Times
A glowing object believed to be a large meteor was captured on camera as it crossed Saudi skies at night, a local newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Suspected Meteor Streaks Across Sky
News Talk 770 Calgary
It is believed a meteor caused the bright green light in the sky southeast of Winnipeg early this morning. The light was seen about 5:30 this morning ...

Scientists think a medium-size asteroid impact could cause a mini ice age
It's not hard for us to think about what would happen to the Earth and life on our planet if a meteor impacted the surface. There have been several ...

Cientificos investigan caida de meteorito
Un equipo del Instituto Indio de Astrofísica (IIA, en inglés) investiga la presunta responsabilidad de un meteorito en la muerte de una persona en el ...

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