29 December 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29DEC2015

Good news! Monster asteroids aren't about to hit the Earth
The Express story also claims that a previous pass of the January asteroid "was responsible for sending the first recorded event of a meteor crashing ..

This Week's Night Sky: New Year's Comet and aMeteor Shower
National Geographic
In the pre-dawn hours of Monday, January 4, the first meteor shower of the year, the Quadrantids, reaches its maximum. Peak rates this morning will ...

Quadrantid Meteor Shower Peaks JAN 03-04
Cloudy Nights
The annual Quadrantid Meteor Shower is expected to peak during the night of 2016 JAN 03-04. Its radiant is in the no longer official constellation ...

NASA releases footage showing meteor rushing towards Earth at 29000mph
Zee News
According to reports, the meteor was tracked by the space agency as it flew 17 miles above the town of Locust Grove, where it slowed to a speed of ...

Scientists are discovering frozen meteorites in the Antarctic
A NASA-funded team of scientists is once again heading out to the Antarctic to look for fragments of frozen meteorites, in the hopes that these ice-encrusted rocks can teach us more about other planets and moons in our Solar System and beyond. Eight researchers make up this year's Antarctica Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) team .;;

'A Meteorite Saved My Town'
Fragments from the massive asteroid Vesta rained down on eastern Turkey, and attracted collectors from around the world. ISTANBUL — Who says it’s a bad thing when the sky falls on your head? For people in Saricicek, a Turkish village of 3,000 near the city if Bingol in impoverished southeastern Anatolia, objects dropping out of the sky have been a blessing....

Gunmaker to Craft Pistols from Chunk of 4.5 Billion Year Old Meteorite
www.undergroundworldnews.com A high-end gunmaker is crafting a pair of pistols from a chunk of prehistoric meteorite and plans to sell them for ...

Study finds evidence for more recent clay formation on Mars
Brown University- December 14, 2015
PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Recent orbital and rover missions to Mars have turned up ample evidence of clays and other hydrated minerals formed when rocks are altered by the presence of water. Most of that alteration is thought to have happened during the earliest part of Martian history...

Robot Arm Simulates Close Approach to ESA's Asteroid Mission
European Space Agency- December 8, 2015
The final approach to an asteroid has been practised for ESA's proposed Asteroid Impact Mission using a real spacecraft camera mounted on a robot arm. ...

The hunt for the Christmas meteorite
By Camila Ruz- BBC News Magazine
The biggest meteorite to hit the UK landed in a small village in Leicestershire one Christmas Eve. Fifty years on, the search for its highly valuable fragments is far from over.  The last thing Percy England expected on Christmas Eve was for a 4.5bn-year-old meteorite to put a hole through his brand new Vauxhall Viva....

Arizona Geological Survey
About 50,000 years ago the Canyon Diablo Meteorite stuck northern Arizona excavating a large crater,...

Lauriston Trindade
December 18 at 11:42pm
Acho tudo isto maravilhoso!
"Temporal" de meteoros espalha astrônomos pela Paraíba
Já imaginou ver ao vivo um

Gabriel Rodrigues Hickel
December 18 at 11:56am
Geologists focus on extraterrestrial mineral for clues to beginning of biological life on Earth:...
New research has found that in Earth's beginning, meteorites striking the planet to provide light ma...

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