19 November 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 19NOV2015

5 things you need to know Tuesday
The Leonid meteor shower, an annual mid-November treat, is set to peak Tuesday and Wednesday. Estimates range from seeing a few meteors up to ...

The most breathtaking moments from the Leonids meteor shower
AOL News
The most breathtaking moments from the Leonids meteor shower ... In the early hours of November 18th, the Leonid meteor shower danced across the ...

Leonids Meteor Shower: When, where and how to watch it
(NEW YORK) — Grab a blanket and watch the Leonid meteor shower as it streaks bright colors across the sky Tuesday night. Leonids are bright ...

Leonids Meteor Shower peaks overnight on Tuesday
West Texas News
On Tuesday night, one of the most reliable and colorful meteor showers of the year dazzled the night sky. The evening's waxing crescent moon was ...

Hunting Unicorns: Is an Alpha Monocerotid Outburst Due in 2015?
Universe Today
The predicted peak for the 2015 Alpha Monocerotids is centered on 4:25 UT/11:25 PM EST as per the International Meteor Organization (IMO), ...

Vegetables Planted in Meteorite Soil Could One Day Feed Human Colonies on Alien Planets
By Ellie Zolfagharifard- Daily Mail -16 June 2014
If you thought tending to plants on Earth was tricky, then try growing them in the hostile environment of space....

Leonid meteor shower to light up the night sky
Press TV
One of the year's most anticipated meteor showers will light up the night sky across the world. 2. In Austria, a stunning video of an eagle hunting a very ...

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