12 November 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 12NOV2015

BRAMON- Brasil Meteor Observation Network 10 years!
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
18th ENAST 2015 Conference - BRAMON- Brasil Meteor Observation Network 10 years! Congratulations! c 2015 Carlos Augusto Di Pietro / BRAMON ...

UAE to Establish Meteor Monitoring Network
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Fireballs, Meteors, Bolides, Meteorites, Comets, Asteroid Impact,Meteorite Quest, ... Czech Republic Bolide Fireball Meteor 07NOV2015 w/ Video. ...

Planetary Defence: Is India Equipped?
The largest meteor of the past two decades fell over the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia. It was 20 meters in diameter and it exploded at a height of 29.7 ...

Fireball lights up night sky over much of Saskatchewan
This photo of a fireball crossing the sky was taken by Bill Allen near Ralph, Sask.

Upgrade Helps NASA Study Mineral Veins on Mars
Diverse composition of mineral veins at the "Garden City" site investigated by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover suggests multiple episodes of groundwater activity.

Secondhand Spacecraft Has Firsthand Asteroid Experience
NASA's NEOWISE mission has observed 158,000 asteroids and discovered more than 35,000 since December 2009.

Blue flash streaks across the Northern Lights during Taurid meteor showers
Daily Mail
With a flash of blue, a meteor streaks across the clear night sky against the stunning backdrop of the Northern Lights. The fireball was seen during the ...

Watch The Taurid Meteor Shower Peak Tonight
Brevard Times
CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida -- The Taurid meteor shower peaks overnight tonight and into the early morning of November 12, 2015. This year's ...

Parts of a meteorite seen in Irish skies could have landedAstronomy Ireland appeals for sightings after reports of ‘colossal explosion’ on Sunday
Aine McMahon- Irish Times- November 9, 2015
Astronomy Ireland has said parts of a meteorite seen flashing across the sky last night could have landed on earth. It said a "colossal explosion" was seen over Ireland on Sunday night at about 8.15pm and said reports are urgently needed to locate any meteorite that was dropped as a result. ...

Newfound Moon Craters Point to Asteroid Puzzle
by Charles Q. Choi- space.com- November 3, 2015
Newfound lunar craters suggest that asteroids that smashed into the moon long ago were very different from the ones that now occupy the asteroid belt, researchers say....

Will the 2015 Leonid meteor shower produce the storm of the century? Here's your guide to viewing
Catholic Online
In one week, Earth will pass through a stream of cosmic debris that will produce the Leonids meteor shower. Here's everything you need to know ...

Meteor monitoring network to be set up in Abu Dhabi
Dubai, Nov 11 (PTI) The UAE Space Agency has announced a joint venture to set up ameteor monitoring and filming network that will provide ...

November 2015 Fireball Surge
American Meteor Society
The American Meteor Society has logged a record number of fireball reports in the last two weeks. In the whole of 2015 there have been 472 unique ...

MESSENGER Spies a Meteor Shower… on Mercury
Universe Today
Taurid meteor swarms. Earth is no stranger to meteor showers, that's for sure. Now, it turns out that the planet Mercury may experience periodic meteor ...

Mercury is being pummeled by meteoroids from the trail of comet Encke
Daily Mail
The comet is also the same one that has been producing the Tauridmeteor shower over the past week on Earth. The effect on Mercury's tenuous ...

Jon Larsen
November 12 at 1:57am
Anyone here interested in micrometeorites? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQSazRgiaFg
41 micrometeorites in less than 2 minutes!
41 micrometeorites in the size range of 0,2-0,5 mm, found in Norway 2015 by Jon Larsen. Scanning ele...

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