03 November 2015

OK KS Fireball Meteor 01NOV2015

OK KS Fireball Meteor Apprx. 2257 CST 01NOV2015
OK KS Fireball Meteor Apprx. 2257 CST 01NOV2015
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Initial Meteor Reports-
01NOV2015 Kimberly Callison Wichita Ks USA 23:00 PM Central Time 3-4 seconds Looking South, it came North right over my location Orange with trail behind, no noise heard from inside my house Brighter than Venus, seemed brighter and bigger than i would have expected Trail behind it, didn't see bits falling almost seemed as low as an airplane would be but much brighter and faster

01NOV2015 Dathen Gooch Claremore, Oklahoma, USA 2257 pm Central Standard Time 7 seconds started in the south and moved from south to north no sound color was a bright white, like the color of the moon Moon Yes I was sitting by a fire outside with two other people and thought I saw a plane flying in my peripheral when I looked up to see it I realized it was a comment or something and I almost didn't say anything but I told the other two to look and we've literally all looked up in silence turning our heads watching it go across the sky. it was actually one of the most amazing things I've ever seen

01NOV2015 Bobby Poage Stillwater, OK, United States 22:57/CST approx. 7-9 sec I faced East, it started at my SSE bearing and covered nearly the entire sky, fading out around NNE, traveling ~10-15 degrees west of northbound Dim yellow/orange, I could not have heard a sound if there was any. VERY noticeable, impossible to miss. siimlar to a large Venus or Mars Spectacular fragmentation, never seen anything like it. I took about two seconds to realize what I was looking at and it was incredible, by far the most impressive event I've ever seen in the sky.

01NOV2015 RB Okc,ok CST 22:45pm approx. 30 to 40 Seconds SE to NW Very bright plumb(white) Moon Yes, large plumb Looked much closer than 310,000 miles 310000miles

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