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01 November 2015

Gdansk, Poland / Germany / Austria Fireball Meteor 31OCT2015 with videos

Gdansk, Poland / Germany / Austria Fireball Meteor 1805UT / 1905 CET 31OCT2015 with videos
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Polish MeteorRats Scramble for rocks!

Witness Reports from Poland and Germany-
"I've senn this meteor on the sky in Bytów (Poland)." -Anon.

Saw it from the plane, real close! - Anna Luce
31OCT2015 Lynnami Walddorfhaslach , Germany 1910 PM about 5 seconds right to left slight angle. Facing North Green with yellow /orange tail very bright. like fireworks no fragmentation scary...

31OCT2015 Daniel Leonhardt Berlin, Germany 19:05 5 South-North Yellow trail, sky went bright white/blue Sun Didn't see N/a

31OCT2015 Chris Jones 20km south of Mlawa, Poland 19:00 CET (UTC+1) The bright 'burnup' lasted 2-3 seconds I was facing roughly SE on road 7 and the meteor was on my right, roughly parallel Very bright greenish-blue light in sky, trail visible in the sky faintly for approx a minute afterwards. didn't hear anything because I was in a car. Considerably brighter than a full moon, but not as bright as the sun. Scattered light visible in spite of street lighting. hard to say. very clear 'sparkling' trail though. didn't appear to hit the ground. Clear sky, very light wind, temperature 5 deg C
Video 1

Meteor Gdańsk 31-10-2015
Posted to YouTube by Innero01 1,167 views

Video 2 compilation
Meteor Bolide falling over Poland 31.10.2015 compilation / meteoryt bolid nad polskim niebem
Posted to YouTube by miczekNBA 1,832 views

Video 3
UFO! ;) Warszawa Rembertów
Posted to YouTube by lets paint 6,920 views

Video 4
31- Meteoryt - silne światło
Posted to YouTube by michaljmicka 206,468 views

Video 5
2015 10 31
Posted to YouTube by Mariusz Wiśniewski 40,861 views

Video 6
Posted to VidMe   2,022 views

Video 7
Meteoryt 31.10.2015
Posted to YouTube by MarcinW 478 views

Meteoryt na wybrzeżu
Posted on YouTube by falszywyemail 18,397 views

Video 9
Bolid / Meteoryt 31.10.2015 , 19:05, Poland / LUBUSKIE / KOŻUCHÓW
Posted to YouTube by Piotr Markiewicz 837 views

Video 10

Meteor Poznań 31.10.2015
Posted on YouTube by radcoree 1,143 views

Video 11
Olbrzymi jasny rozbłysk na niebie - Bolid - Meteor 31.10.2015 - Police Car
Posted to YouTube by Paweł Luntek 12,903 views

Video 12
31.10.2015. Meteoryt, niebieski bolid
Posted to YouTube by 3,825 views


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AnnaLuce said...

Saw it from the plane, real close!

Cooli Claudia said...

How is it possible that we saw one tonight here in thailand, when you saw it in europe two nights ago? Is it the same or like shower following? Thank you for help.

Cooli Claudia said...

Can i leave a question here?