07 November 2015

Andhra Pradesh, India Meteor 06NOV2015

Andhra Pradesh, India Meteor 2130 Local 06NOV2015

Initial Meteor Report-
I was flying in an Airplane from Delhi to Chennai. The flight took off from Delhi at 9:30 PM on 06.11.15 and I was sitting on the right window. I just looked out at around 11:30 when the plane had started descending and I saw a bright green flash and saw an object descending. The time must have been around 11:45 PM - 1200 Am. I was flying over Andhra Pradesh close to the coast. Initially it looked like fireworks - a descending parachute firework. Only then I realise I was around 30,000 ft above the ground. It was definitely a meteor. It was bright green in colour and I could see the pieces descending. I tried to look for any further events till the time plane descended but couldnt find any. I thought the object would impact the Earth. -Krishnan Venkataraman

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Prasanna Kumar said...

I saw meteors on 7th Nov 2015 night after 11PM from a beach in Andhra pradesh.