22 May 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 22MAY2015

History from multiple angles: the Killer Whale Dagger
Capital City Weekly - 10 hours
More than a century ago, the eye of Vincent Soboleff's camera caught the Killer Whale Dagger's gleam. Held in Tlingit hands on a day when the ...

Mysterious bangs sonic booms
He wondered at the time if they were sonic booms from a meteor. ... Close enough to hear the bang, Terry's picture of Tuesday night'smeteor.

The Texas History List: Prisoners leave confederate camp and meteorite lands in East Texas
KLTV 7 Tyler - 2 hours
In this week in Texas history, Federal prisoners left an East Texas Confederate prison camp, a meteorite landed in an East Texas county, two ...

Meteorite journey subject of museum lecture Thursday
Columbia Basin Herald - 23 hours
Children cluster around the Willamette Meteorite for a 1902 photo. The meteorite is the subject of a lecture Thursday at the Moses Lake ...

Chinese Symbols for Meteorite
... for Meteorite. Part of the series: Chinese Radicals Fu 4: Part 2. Learn Chinese symbols for "meteorite" with tips on writing and pronouncing ...

Travel To The Meteor Crater in Arizona
CNN iReport
I took this picture of my son standing on the view deck overlooking the Meteor Crater in Arizona which happened 50,000 years ago. This was quite an ...

A 63000-ton iron ball really did vanish into thin air
I read in The Republic that Meteor Crater was created by a 63,000-ton iron ball. What happened to that ball? Even if this occurred 22,000 years ago, ...

Was that a meteor shower this morning in Northern Virginia?
Washington Post
Bob Ryan was driving to get a cup of coffee in Sterling, Va., on Thursday morning when he saw rocks the size of baseballs shower out of the sky.

Fire-Rescue Responds To Reports Of PossibleMeteor Strike
Leesburg Today
Loudoun County Fire-Rescue personnel are on the scene now investigating what appears to be a small meteor shower near Oakgrove Drive and Old ...

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