14 October 2014

Florida / Georgia Early Morning Fireball Meteor 13OCT2014

Florida / Georgia Early Morning Fireball Meteor Apprx. 0454 EDT 13OCT2014
7 Reports!
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Florida / Georgia Early Morning Fireball Meteor Apprx. 0454 EDT 13OCT2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
13OCT2014 Shawn Jacksonville, FL 0455am 5 sec South Bright Green, no sound very bright no It was coming down from right to left

13OCT2014 Michael Lee St. Augustine, Fl 0454 am eastern approx 3 to 4 sec west to east Blueish white so bright it reflected off the ground broke up into at least 5 pieces anything so huge. large as a BB held at arms length.

13OCT2014 Lisa Vero Beach, Florida. USA 04:53/Eastern AM 5 secs 11-3/W-E/left to right/facing North First white then red then fell behind low clouds full moon Seemed to fragment to different shades of light. Did not see parts falling off. At first thought it was falling star way off as I usually see at least one at this time of the morning. However, this one was much closer and seemed to come into the atmosphere and come to earth. I was not able to see where as there were low level clouds blocking by view.

All 7 meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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