09 September 2014

WY Meteor/s 09SEP2014

WY Meteor/s 09SEP2014
WY Meteor/s 09SEP2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
09SEP2014 M. HILL CODY, WY, USA 00:55/MTN, AM 5-6 seconds NW/UNABLE TO LOCATE/Left to Right/Facing Due East Green Flash, No Noticeable Noise Brighter Than Moon No Noticeable Fragmentation Driving home from work, noticed a bright light traveling very fast over Shoshone Canyon, fall obscured by Rattlesnake Mountain, bearing towards north side of Buffalo Bill Reservoir. No photos available. Sketch possible.

09SEP2014 Ralf Kosma Greybull, WY and Hyattville, Wyo /// Between 22.3 approximately 10 sec. We were driving in southern direction. Meteorite came from the right (W) directly in front of the car. Almost horizontally. Large and long tail! Color reddish. No sound (but we were in a car, so maybe we just didn't hear it. Not were bright. Dark red at the tip. Cloudy tail in red and grey, moved slowly (from our point of view) No fragmentation observed. Comment: To us it appeared rather breathtaking. Never seen anything like this before!

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