16 September 2014

UK Daytime Meteor 15SEP2014

UK Daytime Meteor Approx. 1850 Local Time 15SEP2014
17 Reports!
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UK Daytime Meteor Approx. 1850 Local Time 15SEP2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
15SEP2014 Jesse London, UK 18:50:00 Just caught the last 2 seconds Heading west, burnt up over elephant and castle Almost bluey green it was so seihht Brighter! Little bits The fastest object I think I have ever seen! Must have been close!

15SEP2014 GSG Orpington, UK 18:47:00 1 sec Facing north, right to left so towards the west Vivid green glow Clearly visible in daylight Nothing obvious None

All 17 meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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