24 September 2014

MI WI OH IL IN ONT Meteor 23SEP2014 w/ video

MI WI OH IL IN ONT Meteor Between 2100 EDT // 2200 CDT 23SEP2014 w/Video
USA and Canada
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MI WI OH IL IN ONT Meteor 2100EDT // 2200 CDT 23SEP2014
v.2 c2014 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth
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  09-23-14 Meteor from Greenwood, IN looking North. -
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Published on Sep 24, 2014

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23SEP2014 BrodyHall Hastings, MI 11:13PM EDT 3-4 sec south to north Bright orange fireball Brighter than an airplane headlight none quickly went out at about a 70 degree angle to the horizon.

23SEP2014 Samantha Lewis Flint, MI 22:12:00 5 to 7 sec Northwest Saw what appeared to be a large meteor falling straight down, flare up in ball of flame and then descend No moon tonight but appeared very bright in sky Hard to tell, maybe I have no idea how far away it was, but my guess is that it landed rather than burn up in the atmosphere and more than likely more than 20 miles NW of us.

23SEP2014 Greg Bieniewski Burlington,Wi,USA 2200,Central,PM 5 - 10 sec SE-NW.right to left. North Light red outer to a orange yellow inside Bright enough to catch my eyes To dark to see anything falling off. Wow

23SEP2014 Kelly Becher Neenah, WI approximately 9:08pm 10-15 seconds facing east, at Winneconne & Commercial St., traveling east crossing commercial, I saw it directly over the Walgreen's sign bright white Super Moon bright white Long tail of bright white trailing it was just over the Walgreen's signage as we sat at the stop light

23SEP2014 Marco Policicchio Brantford, ONT 22:04:00 4 sec North left to right west Yellow white orange red Moon Yes Never seen something so close

23SEP2014 Lisa Ottawa, Canada 22:07:00 3-4 seconds North-West Sky Yellow Bright like Venus No fragmentation Smooth and beautiful

23SEP2014 Ingrid Hentsch Cambridge, Ontario, Canada 10:07 PM EST 1 Left to Right, facing NW white same as venus none none

23SEP2014 Tony DiNovo Sunburn OH USA 22:15:00 3 seconds North White light Venus None None

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Larry Preiss said...

From my porch facing west this morning ofSept.24 approx. 4:35 I saw a large bright blue fireball fall towards the south western hemisphere and afterwards a large white flash, possibly burning up on entry. I am located in North Alabama 22 miles south of Huntsville.

L_Swalm said...

Saw this one clearly at 22:06. I was driving directly west and saw it flying what appeared to be avN-NW direction. I was amazed that it lasted 10 seconds with a huge flare-out at the end. Spotted from my location just 5 miles south of Collingwood, ON.