11 September 2014

California Meteor/s 11SEP2014

California Meteor/s Approx. 2100 PDT 11SEP2014
California Meteor/s Approx. 2100 PDT 11SEP2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
11SEP2014 Patricia K. Tarzana, CA 21:35:00 10-15 seconds E-W Bright white Bright white Yes, there was a trail Super bright with desinigrating tail.

11SEP2014 Mitzi Nesbitt Norco, CA USA 21:00 P.M. 5 seconds I was facing south. It was traveling from left to right. East to West. White. No sound Brighter than Venus. Looked like parts falling off Straight across the sky.

11SEP2014 Michael Leary San Juan Capistrano 9pm 4seconds E-w White Moon Yes Very bright large
11SEP2014 karin san diego, ca, USA 20:45:00 6 secs NE to SW bright blue/white brighter yes the biggest one we have ever seen!

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