25 February 2014

Manitoba Canada Fireball Meteor 24FEB2014

Manitoba Canada Fireball Meteor 24FEB2014
Manitoba Canada Fireball Meteor 24FEB2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
24FEB2014 Monica Poplar Point Manitoba Canada apx 19:00 CST apx 10 sec in my awareness flying left to right at NNW from my position 3 miles sw of Poplar Point Manitoba yellow ball red tail sparkly moon, also similar size no friends also viewed from Gilbert Plains. waiting for input

24FEB2014 cindy johnstone Benito, Manitoba, Canada 1855,CST, PM 7seconds West-East I was travelling north it had green red and yellow and was streaking across the sky at a downward angle at first thought a crashing plane and then it disappeared sun then faded to nothing no first thought something crashing because of the colors.

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