08 October 2013

Colorado Fireball Meteor 07OCT2013

Colorado Fireball Meteor 20:15 Mountain  07OCT2013
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Colorado Fireball Meteor 20:15 Mountain  07OCT2013
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Inital Meteor Sighting Reports-
07OCT2013 Claudio Donisi Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 20:15 Mountain Time Zone four to five seconds E-W left to right looking south brilliant arc shaped white "coma" with blue/green edge, trail very bright yellow-orange, no sound heard much brighter than the moon, especially considering we hazy cloud cover at the time. bright as venus, but MUCH larger. yes, some smaller pieces trailing behind. Amazing. brightest meteor ever seen, may was probably longer duration, but came into my field of view from behind roof of my house. Definite upward arc shape to the elongated "fireball"

07OCT2013 Dan Fronefield Peyton, CO, USA 2015 3 N-NE to S-Sw Green As bright as the moon none noted I was facing south and saw if going from approx 11:00 to 5:00 (about 50deg from horizon).

07OCT2013 Elissa Ummel Morrison, CO 20:15:00 3-4 sec United States N-S; left to right, facing South Blue glowing head, fiery tail, no sound moon no noticeable fragments none

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