24 October 2013

CA WA OR Morning Meteor 23OCT2013

CA WA OR Morning Meteor approximately 0622 am Pacific 23OCT2013
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CA WA OR Meteor approximately 0622 am Pacific 23OCT2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23OCT2013 Nancy Pease Grass Valley,CA, USA 06:25/pacific time/a.m. 5 seconds Facing North; the object travelled East to West bluish white with tinge of green very bright; brighter than the moon and larger than Venus started out as 1 object and broke into 3 My 17 year old son was in the car with me and saw the objects too.

23OCT2013 Noel FRENCH CAMP, CA 6:23:00 7 secs Driving north on I-5, at 9:30 in the sky traveling from east to west I thouht it was an ariplane, lasted 7 seconds or so, and then broke into two/three segments, bright white flash, then nothing A low flying airplane in a dark sky, fairly bright Yes, at least two large and several smaller I was driving and noticed what I thought was a low flying aircraft (the lights) but was treveling much faster than it should when it broke into two pieces+ and flashed brightly before disappearing in the sky

23OCT2013 Tim Vancouver, WA 623 3-5 secs n-s yellow/white moon yes Falling from north to south. Bright flash to begin is what caught my attention while driving

23OCT2013 john simpdon Eagle Point OR 0622/pacific 2 sec south/vertically down white. multiple fragments as meteor split apart brighter than moon yes. appeared to strike northern california

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