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06 December 2012

Malta Meteor(s) 04DEC2012

Malta Meteor(s) 04DEC2012

Initial Reports:

04DEC2012 Kim St Julian's, Malta approx. 22.00 GMT+1 6-7 seconds W-E Pale yellow almost white ball in the sky with a long orange/yellow tail.  It was much more vivid and brighter than any "shooting star" I have ever seen Slightly dimmer than the moon but still very bright and vivid No It was very big and seemed to be quite low in the atmosphere and quite slow moving.  If the sky had not been blocked by high buildings we would have seen it for much longer

04DEC2012 Fleur doublet St. Paul's bay, malta 21:00:00 15 N-S Bright white with a tinge of green as it passed Sun No Impressive, fast and looked so close

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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