23 December 2012

CO UT Daylight Meteor 21DEC2012

CO UT Daylight Meteor ~17:15 MST 21DEC2012

21DEC2012 Linda mossman Eagle, Co. 17:30 ish? About 7 seconds We were facing west. Object started SW sky and fell to NW horrizon. Started w red flash like fireworks then bright white as it crossed the sky Moon At the begining yes This was very cool to watch with my son. We couldn't believe it stayed in the sky as long as it did.

21DEC12 Jerry Hernandez Monticello, Utah, USA 17:19 MST 03 sec I was traveling north on hwy 191 directly over the center of windshield traveled south to the right. It was not fully dark and a very bright light streaked down and a spark of it came off the top right. Both continued down. Brighter than Venus A spark came off the top right Amazing it was bright considering it wasn't even dark yet.

21DEC2012 John Hill Nederland,CO,USA 17:17 Mountain Standard Time 3 seconds Facing West, Direction of travel South to North Bright White with no sound observed in closed car Brighter and larger than a planet no Very round, quite large, and relative slower moving than a Meteor

21DEC2012 Kathy Treanor Salem, UTAH, USA 17:15:00 5 sec S;N-E White, no sound, very bright and low Same color as moon 5 pieces fell off in trail daylight hours

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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