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30 September 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 30SEP2012

Orionids meteor shower to be October treat for stargazers
GMA News
Weather conditions permitting, the Orionids, a meteor shower that is the product of leftover bits from the famed Halley's Comet, should dazzle stargazers in October, state astronomers said Sunday. In its astronomical diary for October, PAGASA hinted ...

ニュース 文化 チベットでナチス発見の仏像実は隕石 ナショナルジオ ...
ニュース - 文化 - チベットでナチス発見の仏像、実は隕石 - ナショナルジオグラフィック 公式日本語サイト(ナショジオ)

Meteor shower 'probably space junk'
Channel 4 News
Sightings of what is believed to be a meteor shower shooting across the night sky and breaking up into pieces, were reported on Friday evening in parts of Northern Ireland, central Scotland as well as the north of England, the Midlands and East Anglia.

Meteor shower visibility good
Enid News & Eagle
Meteor shower visibility good. By Bob Killam Enid News & Eagle The Enid News and Eagle Sat Sep 29, 2012, 10:56 PM CDT. By Bob Killam Phases of the moon for October are: • Oct. 8: Last quarter. • Oct. 15: New moon. • Oct. 22: First quarter. • Oct. 29 ...

Princeton University - Slow-moving rocks better odds ...
The findings provide the strongest support yet for "lithopanspermia," the idea that basic life ...

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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