23 May 2012

Texas Meteor Fireball 22/23MAY2012

Texas Meteor Fireball late 22MAY2012 / ~00:10 am CDT 23MAY2012
Texas Meteor(s) 22/23 MAY2012
Green Markers indicated reports prior ro midnight
Neon Markers indicated reports after midnight
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  Reports for this/these events are from late 22MAY/ early 23MAY.  Reports include sighting of smoke trail and sound.  At least one report of the flash made the surroundings as bright as daytime.  Perhaps some meteorites survived to the ground?!!!

Anyone else see this; if so please make a sighting report:

Initial Reports:

23MAY2012 Autumn Cleburne, TX 00:15:00 7 sec Downward going westward Green Bright Flash like a camera flash Nope It was just coincidental I happened to be looking that way when driving and saw it. It was a very neon green color, it was amasing to see for the short amount of time it happend too. :)

23MAY2012 Sean Round Rock, Texas 00:10 Central ~3 seconds Facing east, left to right Blue/Green color Brightness like the sun, like a welder viewed at a 30ft distance. No fragmentation Seemed to be over North Austin, pulsating light, smoke trail

23MAY2012 Javier Houston, TX USA 00:08:00 5 seconds Facing west White head and some color in the tail; I think I saw green. Almost as bright as the sun. I couldn't see any. It didn't look like any regular meteor I've ever seen. It was the biggest. I thought it was a plane exploding in the sky. I was waiting for the earth to shake. I thought it was the end for us all.

23MAY2012 Ted San Antonio, Texas, United States of America 00:00 hours central standard time 4-5 second S-N; left to right FACING SW white then brilliant lime green bright like a large close proximity firework, brighter than moon no fragments just smoke exciting, no sounds

May 23 2012 @ 12am in san antonio texas i was outside smoking looking into sky talking to a friend when what @ first looked like a falling star got bigger and looked like a fireball as it came from the north falling southeast it lit up the whole sky as it fell it then had a white tail behind then it turned green looked like it exploded as it got closer to ground it looked like it was so close but i doubt it. It was so amazing while it lasted for a about 10 seconds -FBoyd

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