15 May 2012

Breaking News- Meteor Fireball SC TN 15MAY2012

Breaking News- Long Duration  with Fragmentation Meteor Fireball SC TN ~01:15 EDT 15MAY2012

We need your sighting reports;  please submit one!  Thank you!  Dirk Ross...Tokyo
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Initial Sighting Reports:
15MAY2012 Clay Aiken, SC, USA 1:20 Eastern Time 8-10 sec Start in Western horizon and tracked E White with trailing orange/white streak Venus bright. There was 1 main piece and about 3 smaller ones. I have never seen anything like this.  I have seen meteors that break up and appear to fall to earth but this stayed on a constant track all the way across the sky.  There were several pieces that maintain the same distance from each other through out the complete sighting.

15MAY2012 Chris Woods Dayton TN 1:15:00 15 seconds NW to SE Fast moving fireball with chunks coming off Like a bright star yes Biggest and closest one I've ever seen

15MAY2012 Michele E. Tennessee 1:00:00 10 sec came from the N traveling S White/yellow/No sound/Traveled very fast - there were two of them - both had long tails/One was bigger than the other/the smaller one disapeared from my sight behind trees, the larger one continued out of my sight into trees in the horizon to the S. Brighter than the moon No falling parts I've never seen anything like this before, and I am not any sort of expert, or even amature of these sorts of things.  The brightness and fast movement caught the corner of my eye, as I focused on them I tried to imagine what they could be (a plane?) it wasn't until they were gone that I thought of a comet/meteor.  I only got online to look and see if any other reports had been made to figure out what it was that I saw.

2012 THE Year of Meteors!