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24 May 2012

Australia Meteor Fireball 24MAY2012

Australia Meteor Fireball ~5:40 am AEST 24MAY2012
Australia Meteor ~5:40 am AEST 24MAY2012 Sighting Reports
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Initial Reports:
24MAY2012 John PENRITH, NSW, AUSTRALIA 05:45 +10 10 sec EST W, Left to Right, Facing West Bright Green with an orange tail Brighter than a full moon Yes Fragments where falling off it during its decent, ending is a bright flash and a large number of orange fragments.

24MAY2012 Reeves Canberra, ACT, Australia 0544 Australian Eastern Standard Time Approximately 4 or 5 seconds W-E Bright yellow mass about 8mm in diameter with numerous bright yellow fragments tailing behind. The smaller fragments were easily distinguished as individual fragments. The structure was identified in the sky fro 1 o'clock to 2 o'clock position. There was no sound associated with its passage across the sky and no sound suggesting impact with the earth. Brighter than the moon but not as bright as the sun (brightness was closer to that of the sun) Yes. There were many individual fragments in the immediate wake of the main body. They were bright yellow in color. No photo. My wife also seen the mass.

24MAY2012 Conall O'Shannessy WORONORA, NSW, AUSTRALIA 0543 hrs (Eastern Standard Time - Sydney GMT +10) 1-2 seconds Located in western sky. Direction of travel from South to North White/Blue. increasing brightness from dim star to brightness slightly brighter than sirius. 1 second or less after observing object completely broke up and had the appearance of a small firework Object started out dim and increased in brightness until "exploding" like a firework in the direction of travel. Object appeared to seperate into approximately 8-10 pieces before fizzling out. My location was on Woronora Bridge. Specific location of object was west of bridge. Possibly over township of Menai or further west.

24MAY2012 Ken Campbelltown, Australia 5:40:00 2 west travelled L to R Yellow/Orange Sun Yes fire ball then explosion of sparks

24MAY2012 Sonja Jindabyne NSW 05.35am 5 seconds Facing North... travelling from left to right / east - west Large fireball, very bright green and orange, no sound Very bright not witnessed n/a

24May2012 Karen Borenore, NSW Australia 05.35 AEST 5-6 sec I was facing east the fireball/s were travelling to the ground from the south to the north I heard a boom and then the whole sky was light up then I saw a trail of fireballs descending toward the ground in bright reds, oranges and yellows it was brighter than a full moon but not as bright as the sun Yes, it appeared as though there were many individual parts that were in s stream I returned outside again about 5 minutes later to hear another louder boom sound but as I was in the dark i went back inside and decided against going for my morning walk

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