10 February 2011

Washington State Meteor 9FEB2011

Washington State Meteor ~10:45pm PST 9FEB2011

Large White Light Fell From Sky

Earlier this evening around 10:45pm, a friend and I were driving up the Wyoochee Valley Road toward the Wynoochee Dam(Washington State). Once we got about 10 miles south of the dam, we saw a very large and bright white light fall from the sky ahead of us. Shortly after, we noticed it left a trail in the sky resembling that of the after burners from a jet. As we got closer to the dam, we were also getting closer to the touch down point of whatever this object was. We reached the Dam and headed west from there to follow the trail. We took a few logging roads only to reach dead ends. It seems as though it hit somewhere a few miles west of the Wynoochee Reservoir. Maybe slightly north. After almost an hour of searching for it, the trail started to dissipate and we were low on fuel so decided to head home(Montesano, WA). 
If something comes up, please feel free to contact me for any reason. I'd love to know what this was. It was obviously very large.
Thanks, Branden (contact info on file)

Thank you Branden for the report!  Hope your wish comes to pass.  - Tokyo

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nick said...

I live in San Diego and i believe i saw the very beginning of the meteor. Im almost positive its the same thing. Driving on I-15 north when a large white ball fell from the sky. it stayed visible for about 5 seconds and i could make out debris falling off the main part of the meteor. This object was headed due north at exactly 10:45pm PST. Called our local news station to see if anyone reported it but no one reported anything. glad to hear someone saw it too, and all the way up in Washington. I have read that large meteors are visible across multiple states.