15 April 2010

Wisconsin Meteor/Meteorite News 15APR2010

Light Up Midwest Sky

Meteor showers hit Wisconsin and other parts of the Midwest,"

Meteor lights up night sky

A bright meteor in the night sky provided many in the Midwest with a rare treat late Wednesday night. A Howard County Sheriff Department dash cam caught the ...
Do you have photos of the meteor shower?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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Caught on Camera: Meteor Fireball Lights Up Midwest Skies

WISCONSIN - A large meteor over northern Illinois, Wisconsin and eastern Iowa light up the night sky Wednesday night. The Chicago Tribune reports that ...
Meteor sighting reported in Midwest skies

The light that appeared as a blip on the National Weather Service's radar loomed to some bigger than the sun and lit up the sky like day in those regions, ...
Meteor shower results in numerous 911 calls

Janesville Gazette (blog)
What callers actually saw was some kind of meteor or space debris, said Mark Elland, lead dispatcher. A spokesperson at the National Weather Service in ...
Popular Fidelity (blog)
Meteors In Milwaukee

Popular Fidelity (blog)
Wisconsin is more than just the land of dairy, it's also a hotbed of meteor activity. Last night, around 11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, people deluged the ...
Meteor in Wisconsin

Puggal Latest News and events
Last night many inhabitants of Northern Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin witnessed a light show in the sky caused by a meteor. ...
Possible Meteor Siting over West Michigan | wzzm13.com | Grand ...

A possible large meteor siting occurred over West Michigan late Wednesday evening. Calls to the WZZM 13 Information Center started around 11:10 pm with the ...
Possible Meteor Reported Over Southern Wisconsin - Madison News ...

MADISON, Wis. -- Many area residents have reported a possible meteor flying across the sky over southern Wisconsin Wednesday night.
So You Want to Watch a Meteor Shower Eh? | Scienceray

When a meteor shower is publicized in the news, people get excited, but most have unrealistic expectations that leave them disappointed.
Meteor passes B-N?

BLOOMINGTON — Nobody knows what it was for sure, but a lot of people saw it.

Meteor In Wisconsin

OT Meteor may have struck Wisconsin 41410 Posted on April 15th 2010 at 2 50 AM ... Cyphastrea Meteor Shower or Superman LPS Keepers Central Wisconsin Reef ...

Meteor in Wisconsin

Meteor in Wisconsin, The appearance of a meteor over the city of Madison, Wisconsin. The chance of a meteor this visible falling over a populated area is.

Bob's Thursday weather outlook

CNN (blog)
Anybody see that meteor last night in MI or WI? The first time I saw the video this morning I cussed kind of loud in the HLN newsroom. ...
Huge fireball lights up Michiana, streaks across seven Midwest states

At Andrews University in Berrien Springs, 20-year-old Robert Parsons saw the meteor as he was driving a friend home on campus. ...
Meteor Lights Up the Stateline

Reports from the National Weather Service say a meteor lit up the sky, and it was seen soaring across five states. Stateliners in Southern Wisconsin and ...

Fireball Loop

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