25 April 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 25APR2010

Livingston catches hold of fever
(NECN/WISN: Livingston, Wisc.) - It is an epidemic gripping one Wisconsin town -- meteorite fever. Ever since a fireball was seen barreling ...
Dad and teen sons find fragments
CHICAGO (NBC/WMAQ) - Two Illinois teens and a man from Southwestern Wisconsin said they believe they've recovered fragments from a meteor that ...

Gosses Bluff Crater - Northern Territory Australia
3, 2009 5:42am EST (Eastern Standard Time) More More See all Show me Michael Olsen's

Midwest Meteor Explodes on Tape - CBS News Video

CBS News video: Midwest Meteor Explodes on Tape - Many in the Midwest saw a bright meteor light up the sky. A Howard County, Iowa police dash-cam caught the ...

Major Green Meteor Lights Midwest Night Sky

See the huge, greenish fireball that turned night to day before likely landing in Wisconsin—and get the science behind the sky show.

Venus getting star treatment early in May

Akron Beacon Journal
The Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks on May 6. This shower is the result of Earth passing through the debris trail left by the passage of Halley's Comet. ...

google: 火星から来た隕石ALH84001

By 2010
A Younger Age for ALH84001 and Its Geochemical Link to Shergottite Sources in Mars 火星隕石ALH84001のより若い年代と隕石シャーゴッタイトの火星起源との地球化学的 関連性 :Lu-Hf同位体データから、ALHは約 40億年前の火成岩で、1億5000-5億7000 ...

Livingston catches hold of meteorite fever

Ever since a fireball was seen barreling through the sky, people in the area have been searching for fragments of the meteorite. And everyone is on the hunt ...
Will you join the hunt for meteor fragments?

Janesville Gazette (blog)
Last Saturday, the Gazette printed an Associated Press report that said the meteor that lit Wisconsin's skies last week likely spread thousands of fragments ...

Bat Yam Beach Hit by Meteor

Shalom Life
Israel's Channel 10 reported that a segregated Bat Yam beach used by religious people was hit by a fiery object from the sky that is thought to be a meteor. ... HOAX!!!
Don`t waste your time!

Meteorite Fever Grips Wisconsin Town

Students there were recently combing the grass looking for fragments of the meteor, which burst into countless pieces over miles of farmland the evening of ...

Searchers traipse through farm fields in search of meteorite fragments
Norwalk Reflector Fri, 23 Apr 2010 03:28 AM PDT
LINDEN, Wis. â Billions of years before April 14, two asteroids collided somewhere in outer space, sending a rock on a path that ultimately led to Kevin Wasleyâs farm field.

Meteorite fragments attract hordes to Wisconsin farms
Austin American-Statesman Thu, 22 Apr 2010 18:09 PM PDT
Meteorite fragments attract hordes to Wisconsin farms

BBC News
'Meteorite' burns on Israel beach
HOAX! BBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BBC News
An unidentified object, thought to be a fragment of a meteorite, has landed on a beach near Tel Aviv. Israeli police released mobile phone footage of ...

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