17 April 2010

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News Summary 17APR2010

Latest Worlwide Meteor/Meteorite News Summary 17APR2010
New York Times
Meteorites in Them Thar Fields

New York Times
A fireball lighted the sky in Madison, Wis., Wednesday night, part of a meteorite shower, as seen on a rooftop webcam operated by the University of ...

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Meteor fragment lands in UW-Madison geoscience department

University of Wisconsin-Madison
by Jill Sakai Researchers in the Department of Geoscience had the opportunity Friday morning to analyze a rock fragment they believe is from the meteor that ...

UW has meteorite fragment

Wisconsin Radio Network
That today from Professor John Valley of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Geoscience Department, who confirms meteorites have been found. ...

Purported Fragments of Midwest Meteor Found

NBC Chicago
He said it seems to be legitimate because it's covered with the distinctive blackened crust created when a meteor superheats in the Earth's atmosphere. ...

Astro Bob blog: First meteorite recovered from Wisconsin fireball

Duluth News Tribune
Christopher and Evan Boudreaux hold the first recovered meteorite from the April 14, 2010 Wisconsin fireball. The first stone was recovered 22 hours after ...
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METEORITE MAN: Drake physicist reacts to Wednesday night lightshow

It was the type of close encounter that had some of us thinking sci-fi, but even those who understood it as a fantastic but very NATURAL meteor are still ...
After the fireball come the meteorite hunters

Los Angeles Times
Professional meteorite hunters and dealers have been descending on an area outside Livingston, a Wisconsin village of about 600. ...

Piece of meteor found in Wisconsin

MADISON (WREX) - A piece of the meteor that had everybody talking Thursday has been found in Wisconsin. Our sister station, WKOW-TV in Madison, ...

Extra, Extra
Chicagoist Fri, 16 Apr 2010 15:09 PM PDT
Photo by iwotkun An arbitrator ruled in favor of the City today in their battle with the Chicago Police Union over raises; "rank-and-file" officers will receive a 10 percent increase over five years. A Lake Forest man claims he's recovered a chunk of the meteorite responsible for that giant fireball over the Midwest on Wednesday night. A congrats to Katie Washington of Gary, Indiana who has ...

Meteorite found in southwestern Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Journal
This peanut-sized piece of rock brought in for inspection by UW-Madison experts is a piece of the meteor that streaked across the sky on Wednesday night, ...

Man finds rock believed to be meteorite fragment
CBS 5 Green Bay Fri, 16 Apr 2010 13:22 PM PDT
A southwestern Wisconsin man has apparently recovered a fragment from the meteor that lit up Midwestern skies earlier this week....

Wis. man finds rock believed to be meteor fragment

Victoria Advocate
MILWAUKEE (AP) - An apparent fragment from a meteor that lit up Midwestern skies this week has been recovered in southwestern Wisconsin, scientists said ...

Searching for meteorites
WXOW 19 La Crosse Fri, 16 Apr 2010 12:46 PM PDT
MADISON, Wisconsin (WXOW) - UW researchers experienced a moment of history in their museum lab today as they observed a meteorite found in Wisconsin.

Meteorite found in Wisconsin
FOX 28 South Bend Fri, 16 Apr 2010 12:38 PM PDT
University of Wisconsin researchers are excited they got to observe a real meteorite in Madison. Researchers at the Geology Museum say this is the first one they have ever witnessed in the 28 years working on campus.

Meteorite Found West of Madison
TMJ4 Milwaukee Fri, 16 Apr 2010 11:07 AM PDT
At least one piece of space rock hit the earth on Wednesday night. People all over southern Wisconsin and parts of the Midwest witnessed a big flash of light as a meteor raced across the sky.

Meteorite Recovered from April 14 Fireball
Universe Today Fri, 16 Apr 2010 10:03 AM PDT
Via the Astro Bob and Rocks From Space websites comes news that the first meteorite has been recovered from the spectacular fireball that was seen over seven states on April 14, 2010. Brothers Christopher and Evan Boudreaux from southern Wisconsin located a piece of what was likely a meter-wide space rock, according to [...]

Midwest meteorite search is on
WGN TV Chicago Fri, 16 Apr 2010 07:33 AM PDT
People from all over flocking to Wisconsin with hopes to find meteor's fragments The search is on for fragments of a fireball that lit up the Midwest's sky this week....

Wednesday Night's Meteor May Have Landed in SW Wisconsin

(WTAQ) - The meteor that lit up the sky in the Upper Midwest on Wednesday night might have landed in southwest Wisconsin. And UW-Madison's geosciences ...

Security cameras catch images of meteor

(WDAY TV) - We're getting in new images of the meteor that screamed though the night sky in the Midwest Wednesday night. This video came from a security ...
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Large meteor streaks across Midwestern sky

NWAOnline (subscription)
By DINESH RAMDE AP A large meteor streaked across the Midwestern sky, momentarily turning night into day, rattling houses and causing trees and the ground ...
Martian Meteorite Yields Clues About Mars Evolution
redOrbit Fri, 16 Apr 2010 10:11 AM PDT
New information about Martian meteorites discovered by UH professorThrough the study of a popular Martian meteorite's age, a University of Houston professor and his team have made significant discoveries about the timeline of volcanic activity on Mars.Thomas Lapen, assistant professor of geosciences at UH, describes his team's findings in a paper titled "A Younger Age for ALH84001 and its ..

Oldest Martian Meteorite Not as Old as Thought
Wired News Fri, 16 Apr 2010 11:48 AM PDT
The oldest Martian meteorite on Earth -- the famous Allan Hills meteorite, which was once thought to contain evidence of ancient life on the Red Planet -- received a new, more recent birth date, courtesy of University of Houston scientists.

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