02 April 2010

Hungary/Slovakia Meteorite Hunt Continues 2APR2010

Magyar csillagászok kulcsszerepe a kutatásban

RTL - ‎21 時間前‎
Sárneczky Krisztián szerint a magyar csillagászoknak óriási szerepük volt abban, hogy meglett a meteorit. „Csak Magyarországról készültek közvetlen ...

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"It's pretty great sensation, I think, an amateur astronomer's career occurs once these" - he said Sárneczky Krisztián.Látta a meteor, and then the hands can comprehend a piece. According to the Hungarian Krisztian Sárneczky astronomers had a huge role in that existence of a meteorite. "Only Hungary recordings made directly to the existence of any such meteorról key issue was to find these meteoritokat" - Krisztian Sárneczky said the Hungarian Astronomical Association titkára.A had seen pictures of the sites were able to determine the impact coordinates on the basis of the location of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kosice csillagászok.A close Felsőtőkésnél marked the landing point, a roughly 3x6 km area, is so precise that the first research on success. Csatárláncban combed through the area, five Hungarians took part. So far, 64 units were found, the smallest félgrammos the largest of more than two pounds. Astronomers must know that India can get them for exhibition and research. The world is a meteor, the thirteenth, which will be used to say it, the kind of track before being moved into the earth's atmosphere.

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