03 January 2010

3JAN10 Meteor/Meteorite News

Quadrantid Meteor Shower visible this evening after midnight

Sources at Chicago's Adler Planetarium say viewers might be able to catch meteors zinging across the sky if they stay up late tonight to watch after ...

NRC Handelsblad
Zonnestelsel is vijf miljoen jaar jonger dan gedacht

NRC Handelsblad
Uit metingen aan een op Aarde neergekomen meteoriet blijkt dat ons zonnestelsel ... Een 520 gram zware brok van de Allende-meteoriet, op 6 februari 1969 ...

What creates comets? How are astronomical comets made?

SodaHead News
by Poet003 Posted 18 minutes ago They are very similar to a meteorite that you would see as a "shooting star" in the night sky. ...

Gibbous moon unfavorable for the Quadrantid meteor shower

Enid News & Eagle
By Bob Killam The peak of the Quadrantid meteor shower in the pre-dawn hours today and Monday will be hindered by a waning gibbous moon, ...
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Extraterrestrial doom a rage in films

India Today
In 1979, for instance, the movie Meteor fired public imagination.It helped that the stars of the movie included Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Martin Landau ...
Weather History: January 3: Record Warm, Cold, Snowstorm/Blizzard, Ice ...

Residents of the Midwest and Ohio Valley observed a brilliant meteorite. Witnesses said that the trail left by the meteorite was visible for as long as 30 ...

Wormwood doomsday end of the world

prophecychannel.freehostia.com Wormwood doomsday end of the world meteorite

Long-Lived Mars Rovers Begin Year 7 on Red Planet

Yahoo! News
Opportunity, meanwhile, has discovered its third meteorite on the Martian surface during its ongoing trip to the monster crater Endeavor, which is about 7 ...

Meteor nears Earth in 2029

The meteor now called the Apophis was tracked by Russia and expected to come very close to Earth on April 13th, 2029 and again in 2036. ...

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